Reasons for Failure of Counter-impact Crusher and Removal Method

Issuing time:2019-09-10 10:52

Fault phenomena:

1. Rotor body unbalance

2. Loosening of foot bolt or bearing seat bolt

3. The weight error of plate hammer is large.

4. Bearing damage

Exclusion method

1. Rebalancing Rotor Body

2. Fastening foot bolts or bearing seat bolts

3. Reequipping or replacing new hammers

4. Replacement of new bearings

There is a crash sound in the crusher.

Fault phenomena:

1. Friction and impact between lining plate and hammer

2. Enter larger non-fragile objects in the machine

3. Slip hammer or lining bolt loosening or falling off

Exclusion methods:

1. Check lining board and hammer during shutdown, tighten bolt to adjust clearance between them

2. Remove non-fragile materials during shutdown

3. Stop and fasten or replace bolts

Rotor speed decreases and motor current increases

Structural diagram of impact crusher

Fault phenomena:

1. Triangular Belt Loosening

2. Excessive or uneven feeding

3. Bearing damage

Exclusion methods:

1. Adjusting the Tightness of Triangular Belt

2. Uniform feeding and control of maximum feeding size

3. Replacement of bearings

The bearing seat has a serious fever.

Fault phenomena:

1. Insufficient grease or impurities entering the bearing body

2. Bearing seat bolt loosening

3. Bearing damage or excessive belt tension

Exclusion methods:

1. Clean bearings and add grease

2. Fastening Bearing Base Bolts

3. Replacement of bearings or adjustment of belt tension

Excessive discharge size:

Fault phenomena:

Overwear of hammer and liner

Exclusion methods:

Flipping board hammer, lining board, or replacing new board hammer lining board

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