The design of jaw crusher cavity determines the crushing effect

Issuing time:2019-09-10 10:51

The cavity design of jaw crusher directly affects the crushing effect of materials, crushing ratio, loss of movable and fixed jaw plate and production capacity. In the design of jaw crusher, we mainly analyze what effect the cavity design can bring to our crushing.

At present, the design of crushing chamber of jaw crusher in China can be divided into two kinds:

One is a linear crushing chamber.

The second is bending crushing chamber, which is better than straight-line crushing chamber in practice. It is higher in crushing efficiency and wear ability than straight-line crushing chamber. It is also a general trend and development direction in recent years.

Based on years of experience and practice, it can be concluded that the falling time, height and filling density of each material layer in the cavity vary with the height of the cavity. These factors should be fully considered in the design of the broken cavity to make the design more reasonable. Shandong Leitai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. optimizes the cavity design to meet the modern requirements according to the hot points of machine materials required by customers.

There are two kinds of optimum design of jaw crusher's cavity:

Hierarchical and piecewise optimization method and multi-level integral optimization method.

Hierarchical optimization refers to the establishment of objective function for each fractured layer and the gradual optimization design. The advantage of this method is that the number of variables can be controlled, and the parameters can be adjusted flexibly according to the design. The multi-layer global optimization method is used to complete the optimization design of the whole cavity at one time. The method has many design variables and belongs to large-scale optimization design. Its advantage is that a more comprehensive cavity design scheme can be obtained at one time.

These two methods of cavity shape optimization fully prove that the crushing effect of the tooth crusher is influenced by the cavity design. Therefore, the cavity design is an important factor to determine the crushing effect of the jaw crusher. In choosing the jaw crusher, we must pay attention to the cavity design.

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