What are the advantages of counterattack crusher? Why should we choose the counterattack style?

Issuing time:2019-09-10 10:49

(1) The particle size is uniform, the discharge is cubic, and the content of fine powder and dust is low.

(2) The operation cost is low and the investment cost is low. The total weight of the counter-attack crusher is lighter than that of the hammer crusher, with small size and low dynamic and static loads, which can effectively reduce the cost of soil construction. At the same time, the required motor power is low, which can effectively reduce the power consumption of equipment and reduce the operation cost of equipment.

(3) The counter-impact crusher runs for a long time and the fragile parts are durable and reliable.

Three advantages of counterattack crusher:

First, it can treat materials with high moisture content to prevent clogging. When the impact crusher is running, it can deal with materials with high moisture content and prevent blocking in the process of dust removal.

When the material with large water content passes through the impact crusher, the feed trough and the impact plate can be equipped with heating device. The main function of the impact plate is to prevent the adhesion of the material and the impact plate. The counterattack breaks through the need not to equip the bottom sieve plate, which can effectively prevent material clogging.

Secondly, materials have wide adaptability.

The application of impact crusher is diversified. It can crush hard material or soft material.

The plate hammer of the counter-impact crusher is firmly fixed on the rotor through the mechanical clamping structure, and has a larger moment of inertia when rotating with the rotor. The counter-attack crusher rotor has greater power, adapts to the crushing of harder materials, and consumes less energy.

Third: Various adjustments of discharging granularity

The output granularity of impact crusher is flexible and adjustable, and its range is relatively wide.

Counter-impact crusher can adjust the discharging granularity by adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the gap between the counter-impact plate and the crushing chamber and other ways. Clearance adjustment can be mechanical or hydraulic. The hydraulic control system can adjust the clearance conveniently through on-site operation button or distance control system.

Fourth, the vulnerable parts wear less.

The fragile parts of the impact plate of the impact crusher wear less and the utilization rate of the metal fragile parts is high.

The wear of plate hammer in counterattack crusher occurs only on one side of panel material. When the rotor speed is normal, the feed will fall on the surface of the plate hammer (strike surface), and the back and side of the plate hammer will not wear. Even on the side of the material, there is little wear and tear. The bottom grinding rod is easy to replace. The metal utilization ratio of plate hammer of counter-attack crusher can reach 45%<48%. Hammer head suspension of hammer crusher, wear occurs in the upper, front, rear and side. Compared with plate hammer, the wear of hammer head is more serious, and the utilization rate of metal is only about 25%. The rotor itself may wear out.

Fifth, the replacement of spare parts is simple and the maintenance cost is low.

The replacement of spare parts of impact crusher is simple and the maintenance cost is reduced accordingly.

Only a few plate hammers are installed on the rotor of the counter-impact crusher (the number of plate hammers may vary with the equipment of different manufacturers). The plate hammer can be easily replaced with special tools. It takes only one shift to replace a set of plate hammers. The replacement of the bottom grinding chamber grinding rod only takes tens of minutes, which greatly reduces the time and cost of maintenance.

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